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Family Tour

India is a huge country with holiday options in many places. Go on vacations with your family to the hills, beach or a historically richest places and make your holidays special and unforgettable. Family tours can also include family adventure sports and places where you can unwind and relax. Explore the hilly greens of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and North-East as you discover ancient temples, beautiful monasteries, rock formations, springs with the stunning vistas of the great Himalayas. Enjoy cultural and historical tours to Delhi, Kolkata, Agra and Goa. Visit South India with your family tour for the ideal laid back family vacation. Go on a holidays in India with your family with an India tour package with cheap vacation packages and great travel deals. Cultural Tours, Packages - Cultural Tour Packages India, Cultural Tourism India, Cultural Holidays

Goa Family Tour

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Stepping on the soil of Goa is like entering a dream world. You feel right at home and light-hearted, as the holiday spirit takes over. There is something in the Goa air that makes fun & cheer infectious, and you can't help but throw away your worries and eat, drink, laugh and enjoy instinctively.Hop on to a two-wheeler, may be a guttural Enfield. It's not hard to find a ride with rental guys pitching their scooters with corny comments. It is the best way to get around town and to the open invitation of the sun, sand and seafood.Noisy north Goa beaches, action packed water sports, bright markets, medieval forts, pre-historic rocks, calmer white sand beaches and a parallel hippie culture are some aspects of Goa that you'll come across. History has settled comfortably in Goa, evident in its architectures and the many churches and cathedrals. Old Goa takes her place in the sun once a year during the feast of St Xavier, which is a crowd puller and the trademark celebratory spirit is at its peak. Let's begin the voyage to the craziest Land of India.

Shimla Family Tour Package

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'Queen of Hill Stations' is no hyperbole for Shimla. Not just weather, it is the atmosphere of the glory days gone by, a hint of which continues to cling. During the British Raj, Shamla was declared the summer capital and it thus became Shimla. Then love, politics and grand balls were talked about for long.The summer capital is now a holidayer's paradise with romantic air for honeymooners, frolicking avenues for friends and scenic mountains and verdant forests of pines, oaks & deodars for just about everyone.

Manali Family Tour Package

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No holiday in India is complete without a trip to Manali. Tucked away in the shade of dense pinewoods and snowy mountains, there is something about Kulu Valley's premier hills station, that will make you recall childhood fairytales. The earth almost meets the sky all around, the meandering Beas River winds its way through the valleys mysteriously, and between the imposing peaks of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges, hundreds flock to experience how it must be to live in Paradise. Known famously for its lush green valleys, this beautiful hill station in the lower Himalayas is closely connected to Indian mythology as the legendary King Manu is said to have lived here. It is believed that the ark of Manu was found here after the great flood. Today, the name Manali is almost forgotten for what it truly stands fort he Abode of Manu or the Abode of the Gods.

Coorg Family Tour Package


The land of warriors and home of the famous Coorgi Pork, Coorg (officially called Kodagu) is peppered with coffee plantations, gurgling streams and tumbledown town markets. Once the base of some of the most powerful empires in south India, Coorg will enchant you in more ways than you can imagine!Madikeri (Mercara) is famously known as the "Scotland of India" for no lesser reasons. Quaint cottages, waterfalls, plantations, serenity and peace are all pervasive here. The warrior clan of Kodavas who have called Coorg.

Srinagar Family Tour Package


The picturesque Srinagar, the Summer Capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is a city of lakes and gardens. It possesses the quiet calm of someone who has seen too much of life. Since its history began - some date it back to the 3rd century BC-it has witnessed opulence and horror.Shaken to destruction by an earthquake and washed away by floods in recent times, the city picked up the pieces. Its mystique was not missed by the powerful and the wise. Many rulers left a trace of their rule in Srinagar: Asoka, Vikramaditya, the Moghuls and the Dogra.

Darjeeling Family Tour Package

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A small town in Himalayan foothills, Darjeeling has evolved from pensioner's paradise to a beautiful destination envied for its beauty, culture and location.While Darjeeling has largely been sought after for treats of trekking, camping and bird watching, there is a sudden surge of travelers seeking old world charm of tea, atrophy and beauty. And much more.White water rafting and rapids of furious Teesta and Rangeet rivers is a relatively newfound craze for tourists. Besides, the freshness of water, the air and the fragrance of deodars is enough to intoxicate you with nature. Even if mountaineering is not your calling, there are plenty of countryside trails you'll love trekking along. Climb up the tiger hills or the alpine forests of rhododendron, magnolias, spruce and orchid, and quietly watch wildlife living unperturbed by civilization or a view of the Mount Everest.

Udaipur Family Tour Package


Udaipur's biggest charm lies in its location: the foot of the Aravallis. They surround the city protectively, gifting it breathtaking views of the hills that rise and fall. Famous as the City of Lakes, evenings in Udaipur, especially by the lake side is an amazing experience, which can also be enjoyed from the city's numerous rooftop restaurants.Udaipur is a jewel of Mewar with rich history, culture and Rajput-era palaces. Also called the most romantic city in India, it definitely is the most serene of all